For over thirty years, Smiths Pallets have been well-established as one of the leading providers of exceptional quality pallets in Beeston, Ilkeston and across the East Midlands. Our enviable reputation throughout the local area has been based on providing exceptional products at highly competitive prices alongside the highest standards of customer service, and whatever your budget or requirements, we believe that we can provide a product or a service to match your needs. We can provide both new and used pallets to our customers, in addition to offering a pallet recycling service to enable you to dispose of unwanted pallets responsibly.

Our competitive prices mean that you will always receive fantastic value for money when investing in our pallet products or services, and this is one of the reasons we have developed such a great reputation amongst our customers.

When you have excess pallet stock to dispose of, either on a regular basis or just once a year, we can provide a convenient and cost-effective solution. We purchase excess pallets from a variety of sources to enable us to consistently offer our customers the products they need at a price they can afford. Furthermore, we can also produce bespoke pallets in Ilkeston and Beeston, custom-built to your exact specification when you require something a little unusual. This flexibility and ability to cater to all requirements is just one of the reasons why our company has enjoyed such success.

Contact our expert team today for more details about the products and services available in Beeston, Ilkeston and across the East Midlands from Smith Pallets.